Squid risotto

Črna rižota z lignji

There is nothing easier than preparing sea or Mediterranean food with a Open Fire Beginner Set. You can check our web site and see all the possibilities Open Fire offers you. Even black risotto with squid is a piece of cake. The only thing you have to consider is the appropriate size of the wok, namely, it should be large enough for the squids to saute and later braise evenly.


1 kg squids
4 onions
a bulb of garlic
3 tomatoes
olive oil
a bunch of parsley
1.5 kg Arborio rice
0.5 l white wine
3 l fish stock
6 sachets of squid ink


  1. Saute onion on olive oil, add crushed garlic bulb
  2. When garlic and onion become soft, add finely chopped tomatoes and parsley
  3. Braise until liquid evaporates, add wine
  4. Cook a little more, add rice and pour some of the fish stock
  5. Cook over a gentle fire, stir all the time, slowly adding a ladleful of fish stock
  6. When rice has been almost cooked, add the squid ink, which has previously been added to a small amount of water. In this way the ink will much easier be stirred into the risotto. Cook for another five minutes and let all the flavours absorb. Add salt if needed.

Foto: Jure Eržen

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