How Open Fire started

Rajko Oblak recalls
»I come from a small village of Šentjošt. For generations we have been cooking over the fire. My grandmother prepared food on a stove. When I think of flames, they always take me back to my childhood, into her kitchen.

Fire has also been my father’s tool. He is a blacksmith, as I am. Being an only son in the family I have always felt an obligation to pass down the tradition of flames to the next generation; my three sons. Using all my skills and knowledge of a blacksmith that were bestowed on me from my father, I was able to manufacture legacy for my sons, Open Fire.«

»I have forged a perfect vessel for creating stunning dishes of incredible flavours and aromas. The manner of cooking is based on tradition to honour my predecessors, especially my granny, who I was so fond of. This mobile Open Fire Set provides a versatile array of food preparing, from grilling, Dutch oven roasting or baking, sauteing, braising, frying, stewing, smoking, and much, much more…

This mobile Open Fire grill represents more than a mere cooking utensil. It is more like a family member, making our family ties grow stronger, creating unforgettable memories and of course, a provider of unique flavours and aromas. Just lighting a fire can turn into a pleasant get together of family and friends.«

Rajko Oblak, a blacksmith and Open Fire designer